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Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Apostolic Journey to Canada, Homily of John Paul II, 15 September 1984

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680) the blood of the martyrs is the seed born Saints. Nine years after the Jesuit priest Father Isaac Jogues and Jean de Brebeuf was the native Huron and Iroquois tortured to death, a girl was born near the place of the martyrdom, in Auriesville, Nữu. She is the first native in North America was declared blessed. Her mother was a Christian Algonquin, Iroquois was arrested and forced to do the Mohawk chief's wife, is the brave tribes and the most brutal in the five Nations.

When he was four years old, Kateri lost his parents and younger brother in the battle of epidemic that she, too, was almost blind and faces are distorted. She was an uncle brought about raising after he succeeded her father as Chief. He didn't like the monks A ¨ o Trai but he could not do was because of an agreement signed with France, forced to have the presence of monks in the village and Christians were arrested. Kateri enjoyed listening to the monks A ¨ o Trai theoretical lecture, but she notes that she will follow Catholicism. Indeed, when he was 19 years old, after rejecting the marriage of a young Mohawk, on Easter Sunday, she was baptized and took the name of Kateri (Catherine).

Now she's being treated like a slave. Because she didn't work on Sunday so she doesn't get food during the day. Living grace of her increasing rapidly. She told the missions that she often meditate on gratitude is high when being baptized. She is very impressed by the love which God for mankind and the dignity that where every one of the people. She is always in danger, because the back and her Holy life created intense opposition. On the advice of a priest, the other night, she escaped and walked 200 miles to a Catholic Indians in Sault St. Louis, near Montreal (Canada Ðại).

In three years, Kateri more Holiness under the guidance of a priest and a Mrs. Iroquoians. She consecrated herself to God through the hours of prayer, work, love and positive vegetarian siege themselves. From early in the morning she stood waiting at the mouth of the Church for the ceremony at 4 in the morning and stay there until the final Mass. She especially Eucharistic devotion and Jesus on the cross.

In 23 years, Kateri vows to keep herself Virgin, that's an extraordinary action of a female Indian, was the only living on the husband. She set a hut in the forest out to pray daily and slurs is to meet a man! The she swore to keep herself Virgin is an act on instinct, because she didn't know in the Church have approved life for women, it wasn't until she came to Montréal. Thereupon, she excited along with two centering founded a congregation, but the local priest had prevented her. Very humble, she accepted a "normal" life in which she fasting of their rigorous as to expiate for her nation.

On 7 April 1680, she died on the evening before Holy Thursday, the new twenty-four years. Witnesses said, at the time her face changing Hao Haidong niches and cheery as a healthy child. Wrinkles, even minor pitting on face also disappeared and a smile begins to bloom on her lips.

The Indians called her "Lily the Mohawk". National Kateri has helped shape the missionary Center for the Indians in the United States and Canada out of sight. Kateri was declared blessed in 1980.

Discussion we usually think of Holy life hampered by circumstances, and the estimated expenditure we have more time, at least be disturbed or opposition and be more healthy. Blessed Kateri have proved that development of Holiness, hatched on the cross, anywhere. However, he has what every Christian must needs, which is assisted by a congregation.

He has a good mother, the priest dedicated to help and you Christians. These conditions are called first, and the only results if determined to enforce the three ancient principles of Christianity are prayer, fasting and alms: connection with God through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, fix its people to overcome the suffering, and live in love for brothers and sisters.

Citation "I'm not lonely because I was consecrated to Jesus. He is my only love. I'm not afraid of a poor helpless condition for not marrying. All I need is a bit of food and some clothing. With the work I do, I will have what I need, and whatever leftovers I will for her children and the poor. If I were sick and unable to work, I will become more like Christ on the cross. He will bless me and help me. I sure like that. "

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