Monday, September 16, 2013

Fr Norris spiritual exercise

Remember that God didn’t strike you dead when you committed your first mortal sin.
Nor any subsequent sins through his goodness and love for you. Concerning your body and it’s facilities it does not belong to you so don’t abuse it. After all that is only holiness and respect and reverence for the owner, which is etiquette. “Where thy treasure is there will thy heart be.” If your treasure is some creature your heart will be there, it won’t be with God and He doesn’t want a divided love. Therefore get rid of the creature. Purge your soul. Even in the smallest details, see what inordinate affections you have. Life is a fight against the world the devil and the flesh. To win this fight we must mortify ourselves by curbing these, give them a blow occasionally, a knock back to keep them in their place- penance. To show how much God hated sin He ordained that His own Mother should be pure and immaculate. She was not stained even by original sin. Fr Norris. James. Opus in Fides. Unpublished diary. 1941.