Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christ made laws

Christ made laws for our own good and help. If you transgress that law it will break you eventually. e.g. Sin of impurity. Majority of people in asylums because of this vice, loose their memory and reasoning powers. Drunkenness you get cancer, drunkards, liver cancer and a number of other diseases. No sin is a small sin. Even if you could convert millions by one small lie you would not do it because it is so displeasing in the sight of God. Sin is the only evil in the world and the only thing that upsets God’s plan. Sin isn’t finished with after confession. You must do penance and prayer to root out the stain and make the soul normal again. e.g. Suppose a man put out his eye and asked the doctor to put it in again. You’d think he was mad. Moreover if the eye was fixed it would never be the same again. Very much weakened. And the soul is a much more delicate instrument than the eye. What would happen to you if you fell again after having had this wonderful opportunity of realizing the horror of sin. A sudden death. Good morning, devil.