Monday, July 21, 2014

Fr Norris reflection

Brothers & Sisters This daily post is a short explanation from me and a piece of the Fr Jim Norris book, it is a reflection on the St Ignatius exercises. We use Fr Jim’s notes as a way to grow in love and understanding of Jesus. We are not a business and everything is free.

"Since we are creatures of God we are by the natural law bound to:
•     Adore Him, praise Him and bless Him for all His wisdom and perfection in nature, in ourselves, other man in Himself. He is infinite perfection.
•    Thank Him for all He has done for us, for all He as our Creator has given us: talents, good home, education, vocation. etc. This is but natural.
•    Petition Him for strength for help in various ways. He is our Creator, we depend utterly on Him.
•    Make reparation for sin- the abuse of His creatures, for all our deviations from His plans, from His Holy Will and so make acts of sorrow, contrition and purpose of amendment. This is but naturally due from a creature to His creator. But what about our relations as Father and Son- as Father and child." ad majorem Dei gloriam. Issuu publishers. 2014.