Thursday, May 23, 2013

The language of reconciliation

The language of reconciliation

"Wednesday 22 May, during the General Audience in St Peter's Square; a language that is capable of taking words of reconciliation, forgiveness, peace, unity, and love to all parts of the world. It is the language of the Holy Spirit which, on the day of Pentecost, “releases ever new energy for mission, new ways in which to proclaim the message of salvation” and a new courage to evangelize." 

Judgment of ourselves.

We must picture ourselves before the throne of God. Try and picture our judgment. What sentence would the just and omnipotent judge pass on us? Try and anticipate the sentence. No use bluffing yourself, God knows your most inner thoughts. The devil would use everything against me. My guardian Angel would reproach me. The just and all holy judge, may love me but He hates my sin. Have I used hypocrisy in my best actions. Do they appear good but really an ulterior motive behind them. e.g. would I stay a quarter of a hour longer in the chapel to show how holy I was? If I have made this meditation badly it will count against me as by doing so I have spurned God’s graces which are bountiful in a meditation. The meditation adds to my responsibility. I can’t plead ignorance to the Almighty judge. I couldn’t ask for one day more to repent. Keep yourself free from sin now, so that you won’t need the extra day. Keep to the truth. What penances have I done during life. When have I mortified myself. What effort have I made to overcome my passions and become detached from worldly attractions? God has given me all the grace I need. (FR NORRIS SPIRITUAL DIARY 1941)

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