Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Service of Authority and Obedience

The Service of Authority and Obedience "Considering, however, some elements of this cultural influence, it must be remembered that the desire for self-realization can at times enter into conflict with community projects , and the pursuit of personal well-being, both spiritual and material, can make it difficult to complete dedication to service the common mission, the visions are too subjective of the charism and apostolic service can weaken the collaboration and sharing.
But it is not impossible that in some settings the opposite problems are prevalent, determined by an unbalanced vision on the side of the community and the excessive uniformity, with the risk of stifling the growth and responsibility of the individual. It's not easy to strike a balance between the individual and community, and therefore also between authority and obedience."

The Fr Norris diary has a problem when elements of cultural influence, self-realization and definitely can conflict with the parish community and the common mission. It may be that the disabled or diversely able may fit into the too subjective charism. But it may have a place, who knows the Will of God? Jesus! Let us follow His example and not be afraid.