Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fr Norris and the Divine Mercy Sunday

The day of mercy, what is mercy? Forgiveness.
From the Fr Norris diary ". I heard how the angels fell and why Christ was crucified. And yet with all this I sinned my fist mortal sin. It was only one, of less dignity in the sight of God than one angel yet He struck legions of them into hell. They sinned only once and by thought. Yet God never struck me into hell straight away. He gave me a chance to repent and almost immediately after, I commit the sin again. Not thought but actions also. Did he strike me a deal, no! Why? Was it possible glory He was getting from me? It can’t be. Look at all the glory he could have got from those angels if he let them repent. He didn’t take that into consideration at all. Neither does he with me. He shows me of His great mercy and love for me. He loves the sinner but hates the sin."

The Eucharist Conference in Auckland was worth going to! The New Evangelization is something that was talked about 3 times by speakers and is at the forefront of the missionary work for the next decade. HUMANAE VITAE, THEOLOGY OF THE BODY,CARITAS IN VERITATE SEEM TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS IN THE NEW EVANGELIZATION.