Monday, April 1, 2013

Pope Francis: Regina coeli

“Christ has conquered evil fully and finally, but it is up to us, to people in every age, to embrace this victory in our lives and in the realities of history and society,” said Pope Francis.

The Sacraments are essential in the development of faith, I do not like personal testimonies, however my personal experience of the conversion to Catholic by Eucharistic communion is a witness to the power of Christ's victory over evil. Francis reminds us of the love of God that gives freedom to the individual, to choose good or evil which is the consequence of Original Sin, our inheritance for the sin of pride.
'It is up to us' to embrace this victory working for the Gospel, this 'Gospel of Work' is really what we should try and define as it may counter the secularism that destroys dignity of the good works when charity is done with little or no recompense.