Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pope Francis' Mass in the Casa Sanctae Marthae 28 April

Mass of Pope Francis at Mass in the Casa Sanctae Marthae

Pope Francis speaks about the dangers of gossip and the med for openness in Christian communities.

Exert from Fr Norris opus in fides

Meditation. 27/12/42. Throw overboard all this ridiculous vanity.

How your funny little self gets in the road, obscuring the infinite. And how full of human respect you are – what is man that you should fear his opinion? Why should you fear to have the truth about yourself known among men? You are only a frail human being and a sinner. Ah! Throw overboard all this ridiculous vanity and consideration of earthly things. Please men only because by so doing you shall please God. Die to yourself. Care not what men think of you – good or bad reports. Work only for God, trusting in Him. He will never leave you. Don’t think of yourself – no matter what God does to you. You must appear before men as the manifestation of God’s goodness – as a shining light and a beacon showing your Christ.