Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fr Jim Norris exercises. Arrival in Japan 1941.

Fr James Norris 
On the 16th July, we once again boarded the GI express That took 24 hours to carry us to Hahata. We arrived acerca noon on the 17th, the address That Showed Given Jim had us to the jeep driver, courtesy of the American Forces, and time immediately drove us to Diamyo-machi church. A Seminarian, the future Fr Hatakeyama, met us and tried to explain That I this was not the Bishops house. Whatever conversation there was, had perforce to be in Latin. Finally I Climbed into the jeep with us and took us to 39 Josuidori, where we were warmly welcomed by Bishop Fukahori.
haphazard I have detailed our route to our destination, our experience aptly Reflects Because the atmosphere of the time. Everyone was new, young and ignorant, Feeling This Way along with trial and error basis, seemingly going no place but somehow getting there. Given the times and everyone's youth and lack of experience amid the aftermath of the war, I do not see how it could have been any different. The first Columbans had finally arrived in Kyushu.