Monday, October 21, 2013

Fr Norris spiritual exercise

These are the 3 bones which we must possess.
1. Backbone
Under this comes; good character, we obtain this by sowing good acts, acquiring good habits as a result and we have a solid character. Remember too we learn by mistakes. Do not be idle though and make no mistakes as a consequence. Must use initiative. Strength of will. This can be acquired by going against ourselves in little things. If you will to do a thing, do it. Make and force ourselves to do things that go against human nature. Endurance is important. Both physically and spiritually. Stick to it. We must be prepared to rough it especially in China. Do not be a soft pansy. Perseverance and grit is the thing.
 — reading Fr Norris spiritual exercises. Mitigated from St Ignatius.
Fr Norris