Friday, June 5, 2015

How important is Subsidiarity?

I met Fr Jim Norris in 2005 and I believe that when he gave me his diaries it was the Holy Spirit working. I have been discerning what to do with this gift and I am not willing to do anything without the proper approval of the Hierarchy.  I have attached our submission, which is rather long but gives an outline of our aims. There are more documents on our monthly Formation program, a Constitution and the book ‘The Fr Norris Reflections’.

The purpose of our asking you for this help is that I believe it is getting close to the time where we need a Priest to help form an apostolic society and we would really like your help to find that special Priest that can come to our Parish to work part time for the ‘Norrisites,’ which is the name of our group.
The Norrisites is a group that by its nature is for the poor and disabled, those people who are usually not able to join in the regular religious institutions. We are a religious society that comes before RCIA programs. We encourage and support regular Mass attendance and help with transport and access inside the Church. 

How important is Subsidiarity in the Church? Pope Francis and the Popes before have mostly talked about making the Church more for the people, all different kinds of people. This network of relationships strengthens the social fabric and constitutes the basis of a true community of persons, making possible the recognition of higher forms of social activity[398]. This is why the Norrisites use the notes of Fr Norris as a formation program, we the poor need a group to share our faith with, we need the support of the Church, we need a place to sit to talk and pray. This exists now, of course it does. What we are needing is a time where the scruffy and smelly can come without upsetting the good pious people who want the Church to be a place they can pray without distraction. 

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