Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lent reflection Mark Baird 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This lent 2018, I delved deep into one of my faults, presumptuousness.
I have been going to the monestary to do my usual solitary deep thinking, really called contemplation, if you walk with Jesus and relate your experiences with the Gospels and love the Celtic cross meditation walk next to the guest house. So I started raking the paths, pruning the hedges and started doing 'work' in the verge garden. This action started a conflict that is causing disharmony and not the path St Benedict wanted. I have only started reading O' Connell on the Vows and Obedience is very hard to understand. O' Connell clarifies the definition in its true contextual meaning, let all things be done in the love of Christ. This is not easy when our ego gets in the way. Looking back at my mistakes over Lent I think of Peter denying he knew Jesus, there is justification for lying. Not good of course but what do you do when you are terrified. This was my reflection. I experienced rejections from people who I presumed would be friend's but where co-workers, this fault is reoccurring in my faith, I have to high expectations on people who are only human. Oh Jesus, you are the greatest teacher in life and truly human and truly divine.
God bless us.