Saturday, May 31, 2014

Closure of the Marian month

Night Prayer Part 1 (of 2)

Brothers & Sisters In today's reflection let us think how Fr Jim does. Let us remember the communio we share in the body and blood of J.C. Fix our eyes on God.

"A good remedy against vanity or thinking about what others think of you. Everybody is rushing past you while you, vain creature stand waiting to be admired. Nobody see you. Why? Because their eyes are fixed on God. They give glory to Him. Are you going to be left standing while all other run to God. Cast overboard all self-love. Realize that you are nothing and unite yourself with the community in praising and adoring God. He alone merits praise." Ad majorem dei gloriam. Issuu publishers. 2014.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Today let us reflect on love

Brothers & Sisters Today let us reflect on love; let us preach the truth on what love is and our failing to love fully.

"To be completely united with the Master you must sacrifice completely every love.
1.    Love of sin
2.    Love of creatures
3.    Love of self.
Use all things, including yourself to love only Jesus. Ask Mary to purify your heart. Imitate the Saints and set out with a right good will to purify your affections. You will advance to Jesus only through Mary.
Remember too that grace is only a creature to be made use of. You must correspond with each grace as it comes and so be drawn to Jesus." Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Issuu publishers. 2014.

Brothers & Sisters today let us focus on the need to have God in our lives.

Brothers & Sisters today let us focus on the need to have God in our lives. We depend on Him foe even the smallest of things. In the paragraph below Fr Jim Norris writes the serious commitment we make when following Jesus. I have kept the notes true to his writing so sometimes the English is not perfect.

" Christ on Calvary and of the sacrifice from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof is the same”. He is unchangeable truth. His was the reasonable of a dependent creature. All through His Life He submitted to His Father’s will; He was ready to lay down His Life if his Father so willed. His Father willed and He did so. In the Mass we lay bread and wine, sustains human life, on the Table. By these we signify that we depend for our human existence upon God and that, if needs be, we are willing to lay down our human lives, if He wills it. In time, he may will it. In the meantime we promise to submit to God’s will in all its details. We lie in so far as we fail to accomplish this will." Ad majorem Dei gloriam. Issuu publishers. 2014.